Earth to Gaia

When the Earth is left without a voice somebody has to speak on her behalf. Drawing on the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water,  ‘Earth to Gaia’ hones in on a transition in perspective, from perceiving Earth as a land mass made to live on, to a celestial body for us to connect with and nurture. The dynamic group experiments with flavours of indie, soul and folk making for an explorative earth boogie experience.

Hans’ Hideaway

After abandoning the confines of the material world to pursue enlightenment in a society set off the grid, ‘Hans’ Hideaway’ is here to serve a dose of indie rock intended to guide us to goodness. The five piece organisation wishes to engage their followers with utopic sensations delivered through their performance, using their powers the way their leader Hans intended; to inspire the world to focus on betterness.


After being put in the naughty corner by aliens for disrespecting and exploiting Earth, alternative rock/space soul band ‘NEL’ composed a set to express their emotional responses to being called out for their wrongdoings. The narrative follows NEL from their first encounter with extraterrestrials, through their self-reflection and realisation of their ignorance to a change of heart, aiding in the progression of human society’s relationship with Earth.


Living in space, in the highest of upper class status, The Winklers are 5 brothers and sisters ignorant to the slums of the proletariat poor living below them on a dystopian Earth. After returning to Earth they discover riots brewing against the elite. Forced to reevaluate their role in the universe The Winklers share their story through dancey, synthy, post-pop ready for the impending “apopalypse”.


Set in a future void of humans, the rise of cockroaches has come as a result of failed military experiments. Combining crisp, funky bass and charging vocals, 'Roaches for Mayo’  sing songs of political plight, reflecting on the resources they are left to live on in the aftermath of the human race's tactless actions, culminating in a set of tasty futuristic grime pop you don’t want to miss.


In the absence of consciousness we are at a loss with ourselves. Psych-indie band ‘Cindy’ explores the concept of consciousness with lyrical themes reflecting the way we see ourselves as kaitiaki (protectors) of our land/Mother Nature/Papatuanuku. Their words tell a story of how we have failed as a union in being unable to protect our land. Cindy calls for us to find our mana as a nation and become the kaitiaki of our taonga, the treasure that is our land, once again.