Sept 28 – Oct 12

Along the west coast of Aotearoa, small communities are slowly being eaten by the sea.

With every high tide, every storm surge, every strong wind, the shoreline is eroded and pushed inland. 

Across the Pacific, the “extreme front line” of climate change, small islands are being swallowed whole while atoll nations such as Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Marshall Islands are making plans to evacuate or lift themselves out of the water to escape the rising tide. 

This year’s No Future festival encourages audiences to imagine a drowned world. To face a future where the sea walls have not held, and the oceans inexorable ebb and flow has erased boundaries both physical and imagined. 

Will we dance in waterlogged ballrooms or recline to heavy dub in tropical rooftop gardens?

Will we run for high ground, or float above the waves?

What new sounds will the seas bring?